Sunday, October 25, 2009

We have a floor!

The red part of the building on the right side is our balcony. Our home is the two, dark gray stories above the red and the two stories of the light gray to the left of the red.
We couldn't just take a picture of the linoleum by itself, so here are our feet on the linoleum. This is in the bathroom in our master bedroom.

Isn't he cute with his glasses? Oh, oops...this is a shot of Tyler from our loft to the main floor.
We were really excited to see that our wood floor was down. In fact we made an emergency trip back out to our house just to see it even though we had just been there 2 days before. And when I say "emergency" I mean we almost missed seeing Harry Potter 6 at the dollar theater for the 7th time.

And here is the red balcony! We are hoping that they are not finished with the floor. Although, I do love yellow!