Monday, August 4, 2008

Another update...finally!

So, I guess these are the kinds of pictures and videos that get placed on your blog if you let your husband choose! I think Tyler is the only person who thinks I look beautiful no matter what. This can be both good and bad, obviously!

We just got back from yet another vacation and have a few days until our LAST vacation. Our summer has been full of wonderful events. We have had family reunions, weddings, mission calls, homecomings, farewells and coming up...ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING! We can hardly wait!

On all of our excursions, at least one family member has commented on how horrible we are at keeping our blog up, so we are really going to try to do better. You know how the school year goes though. I can't make any promises!

We have much to share and catch up on, so keep your eyes open for our next posting. We plan to post some pictures and commentary before we leave for Washington. Life is all about setting goals and planning, isn't it? I hope this satisfies the need for our updated blog until next time!