Monday, July 18, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog

Does anyone remember the cartoon Sonic the Hedgehog? You know, the character with the spiky hair? Well, that's our nickname for Lily. As you can see, her hair loves to spike out all over her head. It has a mind of its own!

Lily's First Swim

We decided to take Lily swimming since she loves her bath time so much. Not to mention we had this darling swimsuit for her to wear. We couldn't let the summer pass without her trying it on at least once!

Check out those sunglasses!

Her first toe-in was less than successful as you can see from the frowny face she is making.

She got used to having her feet in after awhile, but anytime I tried to put her in more she gave me a good squawk.

She enjoyed being outside in the sunshine!

Posing with Grandma...look at her cute little tongue!

We'll have to try swimming again when the water is a little warmer. She was much happier once she was snuggled up in her cozy towel.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Little Froggies

Lily loves this cute little sleeper Grandma Aston got her. It is yellow (my favorite!) with little frogs and LILYpads! I wish you could see them better in the picture. After I got her ready for bed I crept downstairs for a midnight snack. There's nothing like leftover Frog Eye Salad! Yum! I had to laugh when I realized that Lily was wearing frogs and I was eating them. We were two little froggies!