Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Going on Three Months!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Doesn't time just fly by!  We are finally settled into our humble little apartment.  We've been home from our honeymoon for over two months now.  It is amazing how quickly a place can begin to feel like home.  Amy's expert decorating techniques and great taste has made our place the perfect place to be.  We love being here! (Although Amy still prefers the 70 degrees and above temperatures of Placentia.  On top of our cold weather, our heater has been broken, so we have been unable to keep our home warm.  Hopefully it will be quickly repaired. 

Amy has been teaching school for quite a while now.  Her students are very well behaved.  I can tell that she is starting to love them just like she still does her kids from last year.  She comes home every day and tells me about her kids and the funny things they say.  She has already been receiving notes and emails from parents telling her how much their kids love her and how excited they are that their children are in her class.  She has a special way of connecting with the children.  Her students from last year still give her hugs every day.  Amy has had her hands quite full with school and trying to be so helpful at home.  She is such a wonderful wife!  She works so hard at being the breadwinner and then comes home and plays the role of wife.  She takes good care of me, even when I am so undeserving. 

Tyler has been very busy since school started.  His schedule includes the fascinating classes of: Partial Differential Equations, Thermodynamics II, Mechatronics, Fluid Mechanics, and Material Science.  It sums up to a total of 17 Credit Hours along with 8 hours of Labs.  He spends far too much time doing homework.  That has been the large majority of what Tyler has been doing.  He is on track to graduate with a BS Degree in Spring of 2009.  Thats only three more semesters. He is currently working at Heatizon Systems as a "design engineer."  He enjoys his work and feels that it is offering him a great background for future employment.

Amy has been called as the Choir Chorister in our ward.  She has a variety of participants from youth to elderly.  Some are extremely talented while others lack in their musical capabilities.  However, Amy being as capable as she is conducts them masterfully and with such enthusiasm.  Each week our numbers grow larger due to her influence.  Amy has also been doing missionary exchanges about once a week.  She has been a great help to the sisters since one is significantly ill and unable to work in the evenings.  Amy has sacrificed much time to help the work go on.  Tyler is attempting to serve faithfully in his Home Teaching assignment.

We have very much enjoyed the upper status of being married.  We are truly blessed to have one another.  Eternity Never seemed so great.  Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive of our efforts.  We love you all,

Amy and Tyler Gwilliam